Rwenzori Mountains National Park

On the mountain, there is no opportunity to restock with equipment and supplies so be sure to bring what you need. Warm clothing and a decent 4-season sleeping bag are essential. Don’t underestimate the equatorial chill at 4000m! A good raincoat, woolen hat and waterproof over trousers are also necessary. Bring plastic bags to separate wet and dry clothing in your rucksack and plenty of snacks and sweets.

Porters can be hired to carry your backpack up the Rwenzoris, up to a maximum of 15kg.

Most hikers wear walking boots and these are essential for the peaks. However, for general walking gumboots are preferable in the boggy valleys. Sunglasses or snow goggles, sunscreen, lip salve and a flashlight are recommended.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is chilly and wet – expect daytime temperatures of 10-15°C, with much colder nights. January-February and July-August are the driest months, but heavy rain is possible at any time, so come prepared. The best time to climb the mountain is from June through to August and from December to February.

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