May 2013

The conservation and Tourism sector continued to grow by leaps and bounds during the month of April. Following a successful training and pass out of UWA 430 rangers, the UWA ranger force for law enforcement has been boosted with the deployment of the new staff. These will contribute substantially to the curbing of illegal activities, enhancing visitor security and the safety of tourism infrastructure.
UWA received a boost following finalization of negotiations with World Bank for a share of USD 8m out of USD25m Competitiveness and Enterprise Development. The funds have been earmarked for purchase of tourism equipment, roll out of the smart card system, procurement of professional tour vehicles as well as promoting branding and signage.
UWA also benefitted from a kind donation of field equipment from African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) through support from USAID funded Tourism for Biodiversity (T4B).They included camera, GPSs, range finders and computers.
In conservation, one of our very own directors won a global conservation award for his relentless conservation efforts (details in the next issue).The Discounted Gorilla permits sales got spectacular response from both local and international clients.
Plans for the celebrations of Kidepo at 50 are in advanced stages while animal counts indicate steady recovery of wildlife.
Wishing you a nice reading as we together continue to passionately

conserve for Generations

UWA vs NBSThe Mass media are some of our leading partners in advocating for wildlife conservation and promotion of domestic and international tourism. Recently, the coverage of Conservation and Tourism issues has shot up both in hard news and feature programs. One of the leading promoters is the Nile Broadcasting Services Television station along Kira Road in Kamwokya. On April 19th,2013, UWA played a friendly match with the TV station which the conservation agency won by three to Nil.

UWA director wins global conservation award
The long time and relentless conservation efforts by one of our very own directors at the Uganda Wildlife Authority have paid dividends. He has earned international fame by winning a global conservation award. Keep watch on this space for the details at the right time.

Kidepo Valley National Park comes of age 

Preparations are under way by UWA, Friends of Conservation and the Tourism Fraternity to mark her 50 years of existence in August this year. The function will include among others recognition for personalities who have contributed to the development of the protected area and outstanding women in conservation.

Construction of Simaya Marine Ranger post in MFNP by Uganda Conservation Foundation nears completion. This will go a long way in addressing the poaching in the area involving fishermen from the Albert across the Nile.

Two of our rangers who got involved in a motor accident immediately after the pass out at Murchison Falls Training ground (Ms Faure and Boaz Bwambale)are steadily recovering from the fractures they sustained. The rest of the rangers who passed out on April 3, have since reported to their respective conservation areas.

 Bitukura's Ruhara has a new baby

All gorilla conservation friends will be delighted to know that the Bitukura family number has grown with a member more has a new birth has been registered. Ruhara, an Adult Female has given birth to a baby much to the delight of the entire family of Bitukura and gorilla friends. The group size is surely regaining after defections were witnessed for the better part of last year. Rukara silverback, who joined Kyaguliro group last year, has not yet returned.

Curious infants and juveniles of the group were seen struggling to feel the new infant who was tightly guarded and monitored by the dominant SB Ndahura. The mother for the better part of the day dedicates her time to breast feeding and grooming the infant. Despite the rainy season pounding all the sectors of the park, Ruhija’s Bitukura group has since looked bright and definitely in high spirits.  The family lead by towering Ndahura SB has been seen happily going about their usual daily rigors with no worries.

The family generally looks happy, closer despite the loss of three members who defected to other gorilla families in the due course of the year. ADF Betina has her wounds healing after the famous fight she was engrossed in when a wild family had an incursion with the family and come to a brink of snatching her.

UWA at Vision 2040 functionUganda's Vision 2040 has prioritized tourism as one of the opportunities for increasing Per Capita Income from USD 506 to USD 9,500. The seven opportunities were identified in their order of importance as follows: Oil and gas, Tourism, Minerals, ICT business, Abundant youthful lab our force, Strategic geographical location and Fresh water resources.

President Yoweri Museveni launched the Vision 2040 on April 18,2013 at Kololo Independence grounds where UWA staged an exhibition to showcase her products, services and investment opportunities

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