UWA at Vision 2040 functionUganda's Vision 2040 has prioritized tourism as one of the opportunities for increasing Per Capita Income from USD 506 to USD 9,500. The seven opportunities were identified in their order of importance as follows: Oil and gas, Tourism, Minerals, ICT business, Abundant youthful lab our force, Strategic geographical location and Fresh water resources.

President Yoweri Museveni launched the Vision 2040 on April 18,2013 at Kololo Independence grounds where UWA staged an exhibition to showcase her products, services and investment opportunities

According to the Vision 2040, Uganda is endowed with various tourism attractions including diverse nature based, faith based, culture and heritage, eco-tourism and MICE attractions.

The main potential lies in nature based tourism where there is variety of flora and fauna and beautiful sceneries.
It is estimated that the country has 50 per cent of the world's mountain gorillas, 7 per cent of the world's mammal species including the unique tree climbing lions and white rhinos, 11 per cent of the world's bird's species (1,060 bird species), and variety of butterflies.

Other unique attractions include chimpanzees and golden monkeys. The country has beautiful mountain ranges including the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountain ranges), 2nd largest fresh water lake, third deepest lake and a source of the world's longest river with beautiful waterfalls and unique water scenery in the world.

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