Murchison Falls National park is the largest National park under protected areas managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. It is 3,893 and was gazetted in 1952.The park is bisected by the River Nile that divides the park into two sections; the Northern and southern Bark. The River Nile starts its journey into the park from Lake Victoria near Jinja which is currently believed to be the source of the Nile. It snakes out into the park entering the Lake Albert and continues its noble journey that is close to 4000km till when it enters the Mediterranean Sea after passing through South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt.

The river provides livelihood to the people in form of fish, water for domestic use, generation of hydro electric power, irrigation for Agriculture, Recreation and many more. River Nile is the longest River in the world followed by River Mississippi. The river provides a home to many fisheries and other wildlife Resources such as the; Nile Perch, Tiger fish, Lung Fish, Mud fish, Electric Fish,Crocodiles,Hippos etc.

All these fisheries resources are protected as fishing for consumptive purpose is not allowed. Sections of the river especially after the Karuma Falls up to Nile Delta into Lake Albert are managed as fish breeding sites.
Apparently, one among the tourist activities carried out along the River is sport fishing, boat rides and bird watching. The sport is gaining more fame than ever! The great scenery constituting of a riverine forest,Cliffs,water birds, Hills and other abundant wildlife such as elephants, herds of Bufalloes,Hippos,waterbucks ,crocodiles etc presents breathtaking environment for fishing and this excites the whole experience than one could expect.

No wonder, this is one among the first class sport fishing sites in the entire world! The sport fishing sites are located along the Victoria Nile. These two bigger sites are located below the Murchison Falls near Paraa (Locally meaning A place of Hippopotamus) and the second site below the Karuma Falls at Chobe Safari lodge(Chobe locally means a place where there is no men).However, this doesn't mean that men cannot t do the sport. While fishing one can have a short tenure on fishing site since the area is big and many fishing positions have been located. Depending on your fishing knowledge, skills, type of equipment and how determined one is. The catch in terms of weight, length and girth could make you remain in wonder during your lifetime!. The record weight of fish caught stands at 113kg and this was out of a Nile Perch.

An Austrian Angler known as Helmut Totter successfully captured a 88kg Nile Perch with length of 71'' and girth 48''. He set off for fishing at around 7;30am together with Echilus Baijuka an experienced boat operator working with Wild Frontiers. The Company owns some boats that engage in tourism activities along the Victoria Nile. Subsequent record set include 70kg, 60 and below. Helmut record continues to dominate all catches made thereafter. Unless you come to challenge this, the Austrian angler will continue to take lead as far as weight of fish caught and released is concerned..

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