1. What is a wildlife card?

The Wildlife Card is a plastic card about the size of a credit card, with an embedded microchip that will be used by Uganda Wildlife Authority to load the GORILLA and CHIMPANZEE tracking details and electronic cash payments for other tourism activities in the five National Parks of Lake Mburo, Bwindi Impenetrable, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale, and Murchison Falls for now.

2. How does it work?

The Wildlife card system controls and deducts the different fee rates according to the services provided, records information on each visitor based on (type, place, and date), time of top-up, entry and exit, detects overstays and transfers data automatically to a central database, generates statistics and reports, enables reconciliation of money collected from tills with that deposited in bank accounts, tracks anomalies detected in the field, and it may allow hot-listing of cards held by individuals and tour operators who do not comply with rules and regulations.

3. Why the wildlife Card?

The Wildlife Card will improve on the security of the tourists and tour operators, who will no longer need to carry large amounts of cash but instead carry a card and a little cash. It will also increase on the security of the gate clerks who have been keeping a lot of cash at the gates and were prone to theft and even murder. The details of tourists stored on the card will also enhance customer service delivery and improve customer relationship management.

4. Who needs it?

Every body (Citizens, Residents, Non-resident, tour operator and concessioners) that needs to access the national parks

5. Where does one get the wildlife card or load money from?

(Point of Sale Point, Point of Issue)

a) UWA Headquarters in Kampala

b) Kichumbanyobo gate in Murchison fall

c) Sanga gate in Lake Mburo

d) Katunguru; Queen Elizabeth Park headquarters

e) Buhoma; Bwindi Park headquarters

f) Isunga; Kibale Park headquarters

6. How many types of cards are available?

a) Tour Operator Card

b) Citizen Card

c) Resident Cards

d) Staff Card

e) Non Resident Cards

f) Annual Personal Card

g) Annual Vehicle Card

h) Complimentary Card

7. Who owns this card?

(There are two groups of Wildlife Cards that are issued: Temporary and Personalised.)

Temporary cards are recyclable and are issued to one-off park visitors. This implies that the visitor has to visit the Point of Sale Point, Point of Issue offices on the day of visiting to be issued a card(s) and value topped up for the visit and, the card is surrendered at the gate when exiting the park

Personalised cards are issued to customers who want to enjoy the convenience of owning a card permanently. Such ownership enables them to plan their tours to the parks in advance by loading value prior to the visiting day, thereby avoid long queues experienced during peak times

8. Will Ugandans be using this card to access the parks?


9. Which national parks can be accessed using wildlife card?

a) Murchison,

b) Lake Mburo,

c) Kibale,

d) Queen Elizabeth

e) Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks

10. When does the card expire?

• The Tour Operator card and Citizen Cards do not expire. They just keep on being reloaded with cash in case one is to use them access the National Parks.

• The Resident permanent cards are only valid form the period of issued up to when the resident's work permit expires.

• The staff card expires when one ceases to be an employee of Uganda Wildlife Authority.

• Non Resident Cards and Complimentary cards are temporary cards and are only used for a specific period of time. They are owned by the Organisation and are not assigned to any particular individuals.

• Annual Personal cards and Annual vehicle cards are valid for a period of one year whereby after that period has elapsed, they are either renewed or discarded depending on the owner of the card.

11. What happens when I lose it?

You first report to UWA Headquarters back office in Kampala to block the card from being used by another person. After that, arrangements for card replacement will be done and your credit also reinstated.

12. What if I don't use all the money loaded on?

You can buy branded UWA gift items, souvenirs, curios, park maps and guide books from our shops

13. How do I check my credit?

At any of the Point of Sale Point, Point of Issue (POIPOS) listed on No. 5 above.

14. What is the maximum amount you load on the card?

On permanent card there is no limit and for temporary cards, you only load what is required to access the activities with in that park.

15. What is the minimum amount you load on the card?

East African Citizen (UGX 10,000/=), Residents (US $25) and Non resident (US $35) this implies only to those with temporary cards.

For the permanent card any amount can be loaded depending on the available balance on the card.

16. What happens if a client returns a faulty or damaged card?

Cards that are; hot listed, damaged or stolen should be reported to UWA Headquarters back office in Kampala for assistance.

If the card is showing one of these statuses; overstay, pin blocked, underpayment detections or not exited in the park, go to any of our point of sales listed on No.5 above and have the card cleared.

17. What else can I use the card for apart from accessing the National Parks?

You can buy branded UWA gift items, souvenirs, curios, park maps and guide books from our shops.

18. Can the wild card be used in the hotels to book for accommodation and pay for hotel activities?

No, the wildlife card does not pay for accommodation or hotel facilities. However, it is used to check in and out of these hotel facilities in order to capture the details of our tourists.