Uganda Wildlife Authority Product Development Executive (PDE) Mr. Patrick Tushabe was among the participants in a Tourism Trail Planning course held in South Africa between 7th-13th October 2012.

The course involved theoretical and practical hands-on-training in the field. The course was mainly on how to plan, construct and maintain tourism hiking trails to give visitors the best experiences that meet their expectations and value for money. Some of the key areas we were exposed to were.

The course was also aimed at Identify goals and objectives of a proposed trail and plans such a trail in a scientific manner so as to ensure sustainability. On trail building, participants were trained in scientific (sustainable) principles of trail building that can save sustainable amounts of money because it becomes capital intensive to rectify a trail that has deteriorated due to poor construction.
Participants also tackled Trail auditing which involved exposing them to aspects of monitoring and auditing trail conditions according to the Green Flag quality control system.


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