Rwenzori Mountains: A tour operator's account of the new Mahoma Trail

Jackie Kemirembe Rubuubi is a Tours and Travel consultant for over a decade and has been to all continents but never experienced a challenging adventure like scaling Rwenzoris until early July this year.
Inspired by desire to promote tourism through improved facilities investments in the Rwenzoris, Jackie set out to hike the mountain through the new Mahoma trail which is an alternative to the existing Kilembe and the central circuits leading to the peaks. She was accompanied on her expedition by her partner plus the Uganda Wildlife Authority's director for Tourism development and Business Services Mr. Raymond Engena among others.

In her own words, Jackie narrates that the hiking was initially good from 8:00 am but by I began feeling serious pain in my limb muscles. The initial climbing was just a matter of sweating and enjoying the sun as well as the throbbing sound of cross crossing rivers before my muscles started rioting. However with the help of patient and professional guides and porters, Jackie was able to make it to the lunch point two hours after her colleagues in the group had settled.
Although some attitude sickness caught up with her and she at one time lost her appetite, the inviting spectacle of the peaks ahead of her urged her on, the vegetation was so beautiful and she was determined to make it to the picturesque Mahoma lake point at her own pace.

Though Jackie marveled at the beautiful Lobelia flowers, each time she encountered it, it would occur to her that the steep ascend had set in. She also enjoyed sighting elephant trails, the thrilling calls from chimpanzees, the bamboo forests and the spectacular valleys.
Jackie was uncomfortable with scattered tents, chilly water for showering but enjoyed the camping facilities and the site of the lake. She suggests that the climbing should be done in two days with more stop overs and was happy to have made the return journey in a shorter time.

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