UWA managers attend Great Apes summit in the USA

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Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya along with a member of the Board of Trustees and Chief Executive of the Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) Dr. Gladys Kalema were among the experts who attended the Great Apes Summit between September 21-24th,2013 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA to address a variety of issues concerning the conservation of chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans And bonobos.

The aim of the conference was to open up debate to experts who have not engaged on the said issues previously, thereby fostering a greater understanding and awareness among broader audience. The Greater apes summit coincided with the Jackson Hole Wildlife film festival offering great ape advocates an unprecedented opportunity to network with over 500film makers, broadcasters and conservation media.

Each Great Apes Summit panelist was asked to make a short verbal presentation regarding key points or opinions regarding their respective fields before engaging with other panelists in a 30 minute discussion.
The Great Apes Summit was presented by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, the Great Apes Survival Partnership(GRASP) and the Arcus Foundation.

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