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The conservation fraternity has yet again celebrated fundamental progress in cooperation in when Uganda wildlife Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust a colorful ceremony held at Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe.

Flanked by the media, the two institutional heads UWA's Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya and Ngamba's Ajarova Lilly signed the protocol witnessed by UWA's head of legal and Cooperate Affairs Mr. Chemonges Mongea. The MoU is mainly going to formalize UWA's relationship with Ngamba pertaining the rescue and care of the for the orphaned chimps.

UWA's Executive Director underscored the importance of the MoU by highlighting the conservation aspects of the new collaboration mechanism. The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) is a non-governmental organization established in 1998 to promote the understanding, appreciation and conservation of chimpanzees and their habitats in particular.

The Trust has now transformed into an NGO to tap into resources from the wide spectrum of donors outside the government coffers. The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) is a non-governmental organization. Established in 1998, it promotes the understanding, appreciation and conservation of chimpanzees and their habitats in particular.

"With this partnership we would like to increase the marketing of tourism in Uganda by training the communities. We shall also have joint training of the staffs and sharing management skills," said Andrew Sseguya UWA Executive Director.

He stated that with MoU in place, the two organisations will be in position to rescue and care for the orphaned chimpanzee as well as the welfare and conservation of the endangered species.

This innovation was to ensure that even those who have forests with wild animals are encouraged not to cut it down. The move was therefore intended to create awareness among the community so that the tourism industry is handled in effective and efficient manner.

The executive director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Lilly Ajarova, welcomed the new partnership saying it will promote the conservation of chimpanzee and the environment. She stressed the need of having more land to keep the animals for tourist attraction especially around the Albertine region and appealed to the communities to leave the area. "We are going to engage the communities to leave the areas where we have earmarked for tourism," Ajorova stated.

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Top 10 Ugandan birds

As published in Africageographic blog

Uganda, is known as Africa's premier birding destination with the list of birds found in the country topping 1 000! Many of these birds live only in these tropical forests with rare sightings being described as "mythical" while it is believed that some of the birds living in the remote forests of Uganda may not even be classified as of yet!

In the October 2013 issue of Africa Geographic magazine we meet the Uganda Bird Guide Club and chat to them about their lives spent birding in Uganda. This beautiful country must be on any birders bucket list and this is our list of the top 10 birds to see in Uganda.

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Tips for a great gorilla trekking experience

As published in Africageographic Blog

Forest so thick you can't see the person walking less than a meter in front of you, ground as slippery as ice and at a minimum angle of 30 degrees – our second mountain gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda had begun!

Even second time around it was as unforgettable an experience as the first time. There is something about staring into the eyes of so human a creature and seeing recognition and acknowledgement that makes it impossible to leave without a very different attitude to all our fellow inhabitants of earth.

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Getting to know the gorillas of Uganda

As Published in Africageographic Blog

There are less than 900 individual mountain gorillas left in the wild. Yes you read that correctly, less than 900 left in the whole world. If you have been to a zoo or safari park and think you may have seen one, sadly you are wrong, the species you have seen is the western lowland gorilla. No mountain gorillas are held in captivity.

Mountain gorillas live in the Virunga Mountains and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Most people go to Rwanda to see them in the Virunga volcanos, however I decided to make the trip to Uganda, which has many other national parks I wished to visit along with Bwindi. The name is a bit frightening to be honest; impenetrable forest does not sound too inviting, yet this was our destination and we were incredibly excited about it.

Having learnt how few gorillas there are left, I understood why it was so costly to visit them – US$ 500 per person for one hour with the gorillas. But being very interested in conservation, I was desperate to learn how these beautiful animals were being helped and what had caused such horrifyingly low numbers.

Upon reaching the impenetrable forest – on some questionable roads that even our Land cruisers had a tough time negotiating – I became bitterly disappointed with the landscape set out in front of me. Don't get me wrong it was scenically beautiful, but where was the forest?

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Uganda Wildlife Authority known for conservation as its core mandate has proved a force to reckon with on the sports front by participating in the 2013 inter forces tournament where they scooped thirteen trophies in different events and disciplines.

African Explorer and Anthropologist Julian Monroe Fisher, in conjunction with The Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities, The Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Ministry of Wildlife, Conservation & Tourism for South Sudan, the descendants of the Victorian explorer Sir Samuel White Baker, RailRiders Adventure Clothing and Costa Del Mar Sunglasses has announced plans to establish The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail.

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Key states along the illegal ivory value chain have committed to urgent measures to halt the illegal trade and secure elephant populations across Africa. The agreement was reached at the African Elephant Summit convened by the government of Botswana and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).


The leadership of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom whose three districts of Buliisa, Kiryandongo and Masindi border Murchison Falls National Park, has committed to supporting Uganda Wildlife Authority in the conservation of wildlife which will in turn boost tourism.

946064 655228547855396 1783481908 nAll roads led to Packwach through Murchison Falls National Park as thousands thronged Owiny Primary school to get the best vantage point for viewing the hybrid eclipse on November 3rd,2013.

Ministers responsible for Tourism from the East African Community (EAC) Partner States and the EAC Secretariat on Wednesday hosted an EAC Joint Event to promote the region as a Single Tourist Destination at the World Travel Market (WTM) 2013 in London.

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