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Uganda Wildlife Authority and its many partners are committed to improving conservation, education and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of Uganda's 10 national parks.

Our wildlife is always in need of more friends from around the world so we invite you to discover our innovative "travelers giving back" programs, promotional campaigns and special events, organised by UWA, local communities and other  organisations. For example, by donating as little as $1 to our Friend-A-Gorilla campaign, you can can become a supporter of one of Africa's most endangered species.

Please become a Friend of Uganda's National Parks through one or more of the following initiatives:

Or contact us today for information about opoortununities on how you can get involved in supporting Uganda Wildlife Authority

Summary of Potential Investments

To support the growing tourism industry and provide better customer services within the parks, UWA has identified opportunities for investment in services, products and infrastructure and accommodation facilities.

There are opportunities for development of new ecotourism products and services, within and outside the national parks, by the private sector or through public-private partnerships. These include:

  • Luxury tented camps and cottages 
  • House Boats, Cruise Launches on the Nile and Sport fishing on the Lakes Victoria, Albert, Edward and George
  • Walking Safaris in the wilderness areas and the volcanic craters
  • Canopy Walkways in tropical forests and sky trams
  • House boats and other water based activities
  • Mountaineering packages for Rwenzori, Elgon and Mgahinga Mountains
  • Nature walks, game farming, game ranching and sport hunting on private property (private wildlife reserves)
  • Internal air transport services to the national parks and other domestic touristic hubs.
  • White water rafting on the Nile
  • Stop over facilities en-route to the national parks along major tourism circuits e.g. Kampala - Mbarara - Kasese - Mubende – Kampala; Kampala – Masindi – Gulu - Kitgum
  • Hot springs baths and supporting facilities
  • Development of Lodges and other types of accommodation to suit the various categories of visitors

Please contact us for more information.

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