UWA hailed for new birding trails in MFNP

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Big Birding Day Murchison Falls National ParkA principal Wildlife Officer from the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage, Mr. Akankwasa Barirega has applauded the management of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) for opening up new trails to promote birding in Murchison Falls National Park and other conservation areas.

Mr. Akankwasa says this is a new innovation which government will support in developing infrastructure and diversification of products to attract more visitors and make them stay longer in the national parks.


Representing the commissioner for Tourism, Mr. Akankwasa was the chief walker on some of the trails which coincided with the Big Birding Day in Uganda. He also participated in counting and recording of the bird species. Over 100 bird species were recorded during the exercise conducted along the trails in the woodland, open savanna grassland and the boat ride to the bottom of the falls.

The Conservation Area Manager, Murchison Falls Conservation Area Mr. Tom Okello later recognized the participants with certificates of participation and received binoculars from Mr. Patrick Tushabe’ the Product Development Executive, Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Earlier, Tushabe’ said UWA intends to introduce hot air balloon safaris, Safari walks and white water rafting among other planned activities.

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