UWA, Igongo Cultural Centre to jointly promote tourism.

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Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) and Igongo Cultural Centre (ICC) based in Mbarara district, have entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the purpose of preserving , conserving and promoting of the natural and cultural heritage of south-western Uganda and Uganda in general.

The parties shall work together within the framework of this MOU signed on December 22, 2011 to fulfill various obligations. Under the memorandum, ICC shall

  1. Offer space for branding the Wildlife and Clans Panel ’’Sponsored by Uganda Wildlife Authority’
  2. Offer space for UWA promotional and sales products stand in ICC’s crafts and bookshop free of charge
  3. Always recognize UWA as one of the major sponsors and corporate partner of ICC.
  4. Acknowledge UWA on the sponsored ‘Wildlife and Clan’ information panel.
  5. Allow free entrance of UWA staff on duty to the premises as long as it is for purposes related to the implementation of this MOU.
  6. Provide a link and profile of UWA on ICC website

UWA shall:

  1. Pay a total sum of UG Shs. 10,000,000 (Ten million shillings only) to Igongo Cultural Centre to facilitate the mounting of a ‘Wildlife and Clans’ Panel in the museum as an activity under this MOU.
  2. Provide or sponsor the construction of the display stand in the crafts and bookshop section for the display of UWA retail and promotional materials which shall at all times remain as UWA property.
  3. Within its means and mandate provide its promotional and marketing materials to be displayed and distributed at ICC availed space during the operation of this MOU.
  4. Where convenient provide and replenish retail materials for sale at a discount agreed by both parties from time to time.
  5. Recognise Igongo Cultural Centre as one of its partners and may post ICC’s logo and profile on UWA’s website.
  6. Where it deems fit, includes and consider ICC staff in conservation and other related training and capacity building programmes for better service delivery in the sector.
  7. Where it deems necessary, include ICC in media programmes sponsored and run by UWA for promotional and publicity purposes.
  8. Allow ICC promotional materials to be distributed at UWA head office reservation office and other selected parks.

The memorandum will initially be in force for three years but is subject to renewal as parties may deem necessary.

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