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SPEECH BY MINISTER OF TOURISM, WILDLIFE AND ANTIQUITIES AT THE INAUGRATION CEREMONY OF THE 8TH BOARD OF TRUTEES OF UGANDA WILDLIFE AUTHORITY, 24TH MARCH 2016, KAMPALA SERENA HOTEL 1.    Allow me to welcome you all to the inauguration ceremony of the 8th Board of Trustees of Uganda Wildlife Authority. 2.    As you are aware, Section 7 of the Uganda Wildlife Act, Cap 200 provides for the Board of Trustees as the Governing body of the Uganda Wildlife Authority with the following functions(a) be the trustee for wildlife and wildlife protected areas in Uganda;(b) examine and recommend proposals for developing wildlife policy;(c) review and approve management and strategic plans;(d) recommend the declaration of wildlife conservation areas and the revocation of such declaration;(e) make byelaws for the management of wildlife and wildlife conservation;(f) solicit and receive grants, gifts, donations, fees, subscriptions and any other contributions to the fund;(g) manage the funds and the business of the authority in accordance with generally accepted principles of business management;(h) encourage education, training and public awareness of wildlife and public participation in management; and(i) review and approve annual plans, budgets, reports and audited financial statements. 3.    Ladies and Gentlemen, since March last year when the 7th Board tenure ran out, UWA has had to run with little guidance, which was quite a tussle both for me and UWA management. In exercise of powers vested in me under section 7 of Uganda Wildlife Act Cap 200, I have accordingly appointed the members of the 8th Board of Trustees who have been unveiled to you this evening; And I call upon every one of you to support them. 4.    As members of the 8th Board, the Government expects you to Govern Uganda Wildlife Authority in an efficient and effective manner and to be able to enable the institution deliver its mandate to the people of Uganda and international community. 5.    I would like to draw your attention to the following areas which you should prioritize in your tenure of office.(i).    Ensure that Uganda Wildlife Authority Strategic Plan, Protected Area General Management Plans, Programmes, Activities and Budgets, are in line with the Uganda Wildlife Policy 2014; National Development Plan, Tourism Sector Investment Plan and The Manifesto. (ii).    Review Protected Area Systems Plan for Uganda and make recommendations to the Ministry on required Protected Area System changes(iii).    Address human wildlife conflicts in and around Protected Areas and prioritise problem animal management; elimination of encroachment, boundary conflicts, crop raiding and livestock predation(iv).    Build adequate capacity of Uganda Wildlife Authority to combat poaching, illegal wildlife trade and trafficking in Uganda and adopt zero tolerance to poaching and illegal wildlife trade(v).    Promote sustainable wildlife farming and ensure that the wildlife userights system is based on sound scientific information that guarantees sustainability of species under userights regime.(vi).    Develop and implement a management plan for wildlife outside Protected Areas(vii).    Promote sustainable tourism development in Wildlife Protected Areas in order to increase revenue generation and community benefits(viii).    Ensure that Uganda Wildlife Authority works very well with Private sector, Local Communities, Local Governments, development and other partners6. I have included all these in the Board Performance Charter which constitutes an a performance contract between you and the Ministry, and you will be annually evaluated based on that charter. I wish to call upon the Management to take note of these priorities and enable the Board to deliver their performance contract. I wish you the best in execution of these tasks. 7. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to the members of the 7th Board of Trustees for the outstanding performance rendered to Uganda Wildlife Authority in the last three years, the Executive Director and entire management team for a job well done and all of you our valued partners especially the Private Sector, Development Partners, Communities and the Media for the continued support. 8. Distinguished Board members, My Ministry team and the Minister will be there to give you guidance and all necessary support to deliver your mandate. I wish you a fruitful tenure of service. 9. Finally, allow me to remind you that conservation is the core mandate of UWA and the bedrock of tourism industry in Uganda. 3rd March every year is the International Wildlife Day. This year, the International celebrations will be held in Hague, the Netherlands under the theme “Save Wildlife, Act Now or Game over”. This theme carries a message of urgency and is very pertinent in Uganda. You are therefore all invited to participate in a marathon organized to mark this day on 6th March 2016 starting at 8am at the Uganda Museum. Registration is 10,000/= for individuals and 100,000/= for corporate. The proceeds will go to support alternative living for former poachers and Miss Tourism Initiative. Please participate to educate the general public that “poaching is a crime”. GOD BLESS, FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY HON DR MARIA MUTAGAMBAMINISTER OF TOURISM, WILDLIFE AND ANTIQUITIES
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