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UWA Expands Chobe Tourism Game Drive Zone

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Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has completed construction works for Ayago Game drive tracks in Murchison Falls Conservation Area for the purpose of expanding the Chobe Tourism game drive zone. According to the Conservation Area Manager, Mr. Tom Obong Okello, the tracks which were opened are complete and ready for use in the new circuit which is approximately 29 km from the famous Chobe Lodge. The circuit consists of two sections; one along the Nile River making an estimated 10 km length. This begins at 29km point from Chobe along Chobe-Paraa road and ends at the confluence of Ayago and Nile Rivers where visitors who have arranged packed lunch can relax and enjoy the serene view of the wide confluence before embarking on other activities. Two other points have also been opened which can only be accessed by foot trails to the river. The cars can be parked a few metres before the river banks. Another section of the circuit is situated across the road with an estimated length of 6kmsnaking along the valley with streams and salt leaks which attract a number of animals. UWA management is optimistic that this new spectacular site of tourism adventure will add great value to the visitor satisfaction.   
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