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A multi million shilling facility to house weapons used in law enforcement,traps and snares recovered from patrols and  wildlife products,was on Friday officially commissioned and handed over to Uganda Wildlife Authority by the British High Commissioner,Ms Alison Blackburne. The Murchison Falls National P ark(MFNP) Weapons Security and Anti trafficking Facility,was constructed at Mubako,the park headquarters,Buliisa District,by Uganda Conservation Foundation(UCF) with support from the British Government. The multi purpose facility complete with solar lighting,will also house important items like elephant tusks removed from the jumbos which die of natural causes or recovered from suspected poachers and kept as exhibits,weapons used in patrols and problem animal control as well as wire snares,wheel traps,spears and other tools recovered by the rangers who regularly comb the expansive park to curb illegal activities against wildlife.The hand over ceremony was marked with the display of hundreds of steel traps and wire snares recovered over the last four years and had formerly been kept in a squeezed make shift shelter.There was also a demonstration of how the traps can be destroyed with bolt cutters and angle grinders,to prevent leakage of the same to the community for repeated use. The British High Commissioner was happy to learn about the drastic reduction in the incidences of wildlife poaching for meat and ivory,following intensified patrols and deployment of technologies supported by Her Majesty's government.Among other projects supported by Britain are marine ranger stations and ranger outposts at Semanya,Bugana and Kabim in MFNP.The government has also donated several geo location cameras for evidence based ranger patrol,kits including coumflage fatigues and back packs as well as training marine rangers.In MFNP,the biggest and oldest in the country,the British government has also sponsored the construction of a veterinary centre and analytical laboratory which will enhance veterinary interventions,sample analysis.The veterinary centre under construction will be completed in a month's time according to Anne-Marie wee den,the General Manager UCF.The hand over ceremony was witnessed by the chairman UCF,Mr.Paul Sherwen,his vice chairman,Lt.Gen.Ivan Koreta,and Dr.Andrew Seguya,the Executive Director  Uganda Wildlife Authority.
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