Uganda, with its 10 national parks, is an emerging tourism destination with considerable potential for investment and growth. Abundant in wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, the country is teeming with untapped tourism attractions and free of the over-commercialization found within the borders of some of its neighbors. Uganda’s stable economic environment, liberalized economy, and commitment to the private sector also help create the ideal climate for investment.

Tourism contributes $1.2bn to Uganda’s GDP, making it the country’s second largest export. The Ugandan government named the tourism sector as one of its “Primary Growth Drivers of the Economy” and recently unveiled a Presidential Initiative for Sustainable Tourism. UWA and the Ugandan government are committed to promoting the future of Ugandan tourism through aggressive marketing along with the effective management and preservation of the country’s national parks.

There has been significant international awareness to Uganda’s exciting tourist destinations. Uganda’s wildlife viewing, birding and hiking were recognized in major publications such as National Geographic, and the country was named “Number One Destination for 2012” by Lonely Planet. As interest in Uganda grows, UWA recognizes even more need to invest in tourism infrastructure to meet future demand.

UWA is available to support investors and partners in developing accommodations, tour operations, wildlife management and other projects in and around the 10 national parks to offer lucrative business opportunities in this emerging tourism hotspot.

Investment partnerships are a key part of UWA’s strategy for the sustainable, medium and long-term growth of tourism in Uganda in order to meet the growing market demands of international travelers. 

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