My experience with the Murchison Falls Park-

Nansinkombi Sharon Akiiki, Gayaza HS

On the 9th August at around 10 am after our stop over for break fast, I could vividly remember that  afternoon of the 13th July when our faces were filled with excitement on the ED UWA.’s announcement of our all expenses paid trip  too Murchison Falls National park.

Our journey commenced and arriving at the destination at 6 pm where Ms Joan Nimusiima the CCO in charge of  Awareness UWA briefed us as on the rules and penalties, programme for our stay asked for our expectations of the trip. We were after that, led to our respective rooms and we then went for dinner, showered then slept.

The following day began at approximately 8:00 am after breakfast; we went on a boat ride to the bottom of the falls. En-route to the falls way we saw various animals such as crocodiles, hippopotami, and the African fish eagle, among others. It was an amazing sight as most of the hippopotami we saw were in schools. The water also had foamed as a result of the turbulence after it rains. Eventually we saw the beautiful falls and many of us managed to get pictures of it and there after we began our journey back.

On arrival back, we went on a lunch break and then embarked on our game drive. We were being guided by an amusing, interesting and skilled “professor” Guide called George. On our drive, we managed to have our fair view of Rhinos, buffalos, Kobs, our national emblem the crested cranes, Labong forest, beautiful savannah vegetation among others. We were also fortunate enough to witness a lioness hunt.

After we returned, we began the report writing and preparations for the camp fire that was to take place later on. At the camp fire, we were honoured by Professor George the guide from UWA who was in the course of events baptized professor George ‘Magembe’. He told us funny, interesting, important stories and communications about him, animals did the park as we enjoyed the beautiful goat meat, salad and Irish and after it all, we took our day’s rest.

The last day everyone was in a dull mood as the beautiful trip had come to an end; the friend we made and hoped to carry on, the animals, Joan, Professor George, the water and vegetation had all come to an end, showering and picking was all that went on.

All in all, it was such an awesome trip as it taught to be animal friendly and we witnessed the difference in climate between Kampala and the park. The park being cool and went due to the presence of the dense vegetation and then Kampala being hot and dries due to the ongoing pollution, deforestation among others.  Environmental sustainability and disaster resilience must be built into local and national development to protect lives and assets, sustain livelihoods and manage climate change impacts. It remains a challenge to all the youth because the future is in our hands, together we can make a difference.

I would like to in a special way thank the Uganda Wildlife Authority for this wonderful experience and opportunity as well as care and for the funding  more especially the out of pocket. I have learnt a lot and hope to teach it to others.  Thank you very much.

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