Ranger on Duty Killed by Elephants

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Sgt. Scot Guma who was killed by elephants while on duty to rescue communities of Nwoya in Murchison Fall National Park on November, 15, 2020.
The late Sgt. Guma together with four colleagues had earlier responded to a distress call that elephants had escaped from the park. The community members called the rangers to help and chase the elephants back into the park. While trying to scare shoot them, the elephants became wild and attacked them. As the rangers tried to flee for safety and reorganisation, Sgt. Guma unfortunately fell in a shallow ditch where elephants trampled on him leaving him with serious injuries. He died while being rushed to Anaka for medical attention.
The Executive Director UWA Sam Mwandha says that the late Sgt. Guma has been a hard-working and selfless staff who executed his work well while handling human wildlife conflict and operational work of patrols. “The institution will greatly miss his commitment, hard work, bravery and passion for conservation. He has paid the ultimate price of conserving our wildlife resources, he is a conservation hero” he said.
Rangers at Wangkwar sector where Sgt Guma was stationed have been very active in offering quick problem animal interventions to communities surrounding that sector.
The late Sgt.Guma Scot joined UWA on 1st May 1999 as a private ranger raising through the ranks to Sergeant. Before his deployment in Murchison Falls National Park, he had worked in East Madi Wildlife Reserve for 10 years handling issues of problem animals like elephants and hippos as far as the boarder of South Sudan as well as encroachment among others.
He leaves behind a widow and four children.
May his soul rest in peace.
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