UWA gives relief aid to victims of flashfloods and landslides in bududa district

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) donated relief items worth UGX 10 Million to the people who were affected by flash floods and landslides in Bududa District on January 11, 2019. 

The items that included maize flour (posho), beans, sugar, rice, hoes, cups, plates, soap salt and assorted clothes donated by staffs were handed over by the UWA Executive Director Sam Mwandha to the Bududa District Chairperson Watira Wilson at the District headquarters.

Mr Mwandha said that UWA is reaching out to the affected communities as part of its corporate social responsibility adding that affected communities are neighbouring Mt Elgon National Park and have played a role in its protection. “As neighbours, we have come to make a contribution towards the victims of the flash floods and landslides”, he said.  

He observed that tourists want to visit places that are peaceful and called for strengthening relations between UWA, the district Leadership and the communities for better management of Mt Elgon Conservation Area and attraction of more tourists so that communities can benefit more from the protected area.

The Bududa district chairperson Watira Wilson appreciated UWA for the good gesture of donating relief items to people affected by flash floods and landslides in the district. “I am honoured to receive UWA in my district and I appreciate your efforts and kindness towards our people. You could have decided to ignore us since your staff have already been helping us but you have also brought physical items and I thank you on behalf of the entire leadership of Bududa”, he remarked. 

The UWA Executive Director also interacted with the affected persons at Bukalasi Church where he expressed sympathy for the tragedy that befell them and asked them to conserve the environment in order to minimize of such natural calamities. 

The Archdeacon Buluceke  Archdeaconry Rev. Venerable Peter Natseli commended UWA for being a pro people organization by remembering that communities around Mt Elgon National Park are in need and coming in to help. He said that people now feel the benefit of the protected area and view UWA as a friend in need. He urged the community members to support UWA in conservation so that they can continue benefiting from the protected area.  

The function was attended by the Assistant Commissioner for Disaster Management in the Office of the Prime Minister Rose Nakabugo among others.

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