Children's Books by Dennis Lubega

By Dennis Lubega an  Eleven(11) part series of THE NATIONAL TREASURES OF UGANDA includes:

  1. Mountain living
  2. A home away from home
  3. Are we there yet?
  4. Basongora Best Friend
  5. Beak Full of Bees
  6. Beauty is in The Eyes of the Beholder
  7. Can I Borrow Your Nest
  8. Last Night I was a Banded Mongoose
  9. Life is Good Especially for The Industrious Painted Snipes
  10. The Queen of The South West
  11. Wallace The Hippo Boss

Dennis Lubega
Creative Editor:
Patrick Papania
Nicholas Kagongo Arinaitwe
Graphic Design:
Christopher Lwanyaga

Project was supported by USAID STAR (sustainable tourism in the Albertine Region)


Kaddu Sebunya, Simon Jones, Ashley Silver, Chi Lo, Laura Ell, Abiaz Rwamwiri, Irene Nabisere, Beatrice Tusiime, Bakahirwa Phillip Mwesigwa, Jennifer Krauser and Onesimus Muhwezi
With Special Thanks to Wildlife Clubs of Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Nature Uganda, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

About the Author

Dennis Patrick Musisi Lubega began his interest in stories at the age of two. Then it was mostly children’s stories on TV and folktales told by his mother. Dennis has never lost this passion. Although he trained in business studies, the forty year-old recently decided to begin a new career as a writer for children and young adults. As a result of this decision, he has written several stories--The First Claim, The Laughing Lion, The Short Giraffe that Wanted a Little Respect, The Monkey Christmas Dinner, and Late on PLE Day, among others. The Natural Treasures of Uganda series of environmental education books is his first set of books to be published. Mr. Lubega lives in Kampala, Uganda, and is married with one child.


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