Intelligence Unit Staff Commissioned

Uganda Wildlife Authority on 30th October passed out yet another intake of 20 Intelligence staff at Uganda People’s Defence Forces School of Military Intelligence and Security in Migyera. This was the first phase of the 100 that will be trained. The specialised training by UPDF equipped the trainees with critical skills in analysis and critical thinking. The capacity building done in the ranger force is hoped to deal poaching a huge blow and any form of insecurity in our protected areas. The course was intended to enhance skills in of the trainees in Critical thinking, analysis and report writing to support decision making in the organisation. The intention is for the leaners to practically apply the skills attained in the field to combat wildlife crime.

While commissioning the staff, Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director Sam Mwandha emphasized that Uganda’s Tourism was nature based and therefore its success depended on conservation of wildlife among other factors such as security and good infrastructure.  He explained that until the effects of COVID-19, tourism was the leading foreign exchange earner in the country. We are very optimistic that the industry will recover soon. 

The Executive Director observed that much as training was a key component of one’s growth, especially if you are determined to succeed and climb the ranks, it is not all you need to succeed. “You need to also use the knowledge you have gained from the training to show your competence in the assignments you are given. I have followed the planning and preparation as well as the implementation of this training and are aware that your trainers gave guidance to you to be critical thinkers and analytical. One of the weakness of many employees is to stop thinking because they have an Afande, whom they expect to think and analyse every single issue for them,” he noted.

He argued the trainees not to get distracted when they complete their training by thinking only about a promotion and emphasized that only critical thinkers and those who try to analyse issues are the ones who grow and get promoted.


He appreciated WCS and her partners, for the continued tangible support in various areas but specifically towards capacity building and equipping of UWA staff in combating wildlife crime in this country. “When wildlife is safe and criminals are behind bars or have given up their vices, then tourism will thrive, money will flow and all Ugandans will benefit,” he said.








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