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The TripAdvisor would like to congratulate Murchison Falls National Park on being awarded a 2014 Certificate of Excellence, signifying that it has consistently earned outstanding feedback from TripAdvisor travelers.
This prestigious award is based on the quality of reviews and opinions you have earned on TripAdvisor over the past year. We hope you will showcase your certificate to guests and staff with pride, wrote Mac Charron, President TripAdvisor for Business.
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Congratulations again on your accomplishment.
This win comes on the heels of three National Parks namely Queen Elizabeth, Kibale and Bwindi Impenetrable having won it last year          

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Some of the reviews from Visitors to Murchison Falls National Park
•    The top of the Murchison falls is just the best. at a certain point, there is a rainbow that does not disappear. the journey is a long one but once you reach this place, it becomes worth it. the thunderous noise made by the water as it passes through the tiny hole is magnificent
When one reaches this massive savanna land then yes you will accept Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. Dominated by one of the world's strongest falls, Murchison Falls, this park brings all the wonders the Uganda can offer. Here at Murchison Falls the mighty River Nile cuts through a gorge that’s really makes it the angriest point seen on the Nile.  
 Reviewed 21 August 2013
The visit is worth your time, your hard earned money and your time too. I and a group of friends visited the Falls in April and loved every minute of it. well, the rainy season had long set in and this added to the whole experience. Taking the sensational boat cruise and then hiking to the top of the falls... More  
•    “Lots of animals!”
Amazing park if you are interested in quantity more than variety. It is worth to take the boat trip to the Falls, as you can see many animals on the shore of the river. It is worth to have game drives at the earliest time in the morning (06h15) to find more animals.

•    “sport fishing on river nile”
 Reviewed 10 June 2013
Sport fishing in Murchison falls National Park is one of the most adventurous activities on River Nile. Imagine yourself surrounded by hippos, crocodiles and elephants the whole day.this magnificent experience is the best activity one can have besides the game drive in the park. I advise everyone that its safe and interesting. book for it.
•    From the start of the whole trip, I could not help getting nervous and all. The beauty and the spectacular falls however were something else. suddenly, I was not nervous any more, it is really a moment to behold specially when you hear so many remarks and wonderful comments about the falls. Hiking to the top of the falls, was... More  
•    My first time at Murchison Falls gave me a beautiful experience in the life-time. The game-drives we had with the Rangers, viewing the different spices of animals.
Huge herds of elephants, giraffe and antelope. Falls & boat trip a don't miss. Most wildlife of any park we visited. Even saw a giant python. Birding excellent.
•    “The Magical Holiday Centre.”
 Reviewed 12 July 2012
This is the oldest National Park gazetted in 1952 covering about 3,893 square kilometers. However, it is jointly manged as one conservation block with the Bugungu and Karuma wildlife reserves under the name of Murchison Falls Protected Area making this the largest and most magical place to visit in Uganda with a total coverage of about 5,072 square kilometers.
 Reviews in 4 cities
•    This is one of the experiences one will term as magical. Aboat ride to the top of the falls in the largest national park in Uganda will provide you satisfaction. Getting there from Kampala will take you about 5-6 hours, the temperature is is quiet warm. short sleeved tops are recommended. Girrafes, buffaloes, crocodiles and lots of wild will welcome... More  

 Reviewed 11 August 2014 NEW
•    In MFNP we took the boat trip on the Victoria Nile to the base of Murchison Falls. The launch trip takes about three hours return. You can also take it 1.45hrs then get off and climb to the top of the falls. You need to pre-arrange this option and have your driver wait for you at the top of the... More  
“Murchison Falls”
 Reviewed 5 August 2014
•    Brilliant National park, we saw so many animals , Elephants. Giraffe, Jackson Heart Beast, Wart Hogs, Baboons. Oribi. Water Buffalo, African Wildogs, Tawny Eagle and a Lioness!!!. Baboons stole some French bread when we stopped for lunch. Boat trip up to see the falls was fantastic where we saw Crocodiles and loads of Hippos
“Safari of a lifetime”
 Reviewed 3 August 2014
•    Fabulous game park, stayed here for 3 nights and did a game drive daily. Saw lions, giraffes, hippos, elephants, buffaloes, chimps, crocodiles. The park is full of kobs too. The weather was perfect and our guide was knowledgeable. The falls are majestic. Definitely worth every penny.
•    “Beautiful park”
 Reviewed 1 August 2014
The park is beautiful, we were on a sunset safari, so we didnt see the "falls", the only complaint I had was that our drivers spent little time when we saw animals we wanted to take pictures of.
•    “Trip of a lifetime!”
Our trip to Murchison Falls National Park was beyond description. It was through Mifik Missions and Safari's and could not have been more perfect! We saw, lions, elephants, giraffe's, crocs, hippo's, birds, antelope, baboons, wild bore, had a wonderful boat trip on the Nile and hiked up to the amazing mountain top. Even our travel there was made special with... More  
•    Murchison falls are the best place to visit while in Uganda. The falls are superb both from top and bottom including a boat ride on 17km. There are hippos, birds, elephants, crocodiles along the way. The guides on the boat are also knowledgeable

•    Murchison Falls  national park is spread across vast area. This park is full of baboons, giraffes, elephants, buffalo, Columbus monkey, wild bore. Though we could not see lions and leopard, but we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We went in our own vehicle, which is advisable and spend quality time inside park. Also Murchison fall is also a place inside this... More

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