Queen Elizabeth National park unique products excite marketers.

A scenic crater lakes drive, an array of fauna and countless species of birds were a source of a memorable experience for Ms Rukiya Lwanyaga and her partner Joseph Kikomeko who recently won a fully paid trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda.


Lwanyaga in her mid 20s is an account manager with Vantage communications Ltd while her partner is an expert in Graphic design and advertising. The duo were part of the lucky few who secured slots for the most sought out boat ride on the Kazinga channel which links Lakes Edward and George during the peak season at the end of July. They also enjoyed the unique hospitality at the Mweya Safari Lodge in the famous Mweya peninsula which is the hub of tourism in the national park.

Uganda Wildlife Authority offered the all expenses paid trip to the couple during the Marketers’ night held at Kampala Serena Hotel on July 1st, 2011. Ms Lwanyaga remarked during the boat ride during which she cited a variety of birds and big game, that the sojourn to Uganda’s second biggest national park was the best experience she had had outside the capital and challenged all Ugandans to experience the unique endowment.
The duo commended the expertise exhibited by the UWA ranger guides in interpretation particularly identification of birds, mammals and their unique character .They also marveled at the underground forest, the lost crater lakes, the baboon cliff, the lava bombs and the Katwe salt mines.
The Conservation Area manager, Mr. Nelson Guma told the visitors that management was promoting another unique experience designed around monitoring programs .The new activity also known as Lion tracking entails a visitor joining a team of researchers to monitor lions in their groups (prides)to study their behavior. He said different prides of lions are collared and can easily be identified including their leaders and useful data about them collected.  
According to Guma, other unique attractions to the park are the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector, the underground forest and the chimps in Kyambura gorge. He also observed that over 600 species of birds had made the park a key destination for international and local tourists .Mr. Guma said there are special packages for various interest groups including students, researchers and  holiday makers to enjoy the natural endowments.

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