The recruitment of non-paid employees and their deployment in a variety of specific roles can be an effective way of boosting UWA productivity levels, in addition to helping it meet its corporate goals. This policy aims to encourage the consistent and fair treatment of non-paid employees, and to make clear the responsibilities and expectations on both sides.

The Executive Director, at his discretion may accept the services of volunteering Ugandan persons to perform tasks that may be assigned by the Executive Director in designated areas. Such volunteer/s shall indemnify UWA against any claims that may arise as a result of injury or sickness on the person so.

Volunteers may, at the discretion of management, be entitled to some pay or benefit in form of transport (public transport rate or bus fare rate) and lunch as determined by management.

Skills Requirement

The skill and expertise in UWA may be limited in some areas in terms of actual personnel on the ground, or even in degree. UWA may also not have the financial capacity to pay for such skill and expertise given budgetary constraints.

Application process

Applications and detailed up-dated curriculum vitaes will be submitted to the Human Resource Manager. Thereafter, the human resource committee will vet them, based on the following criteria:

  • Organization's operational needs and nature of the assignment;
  • Previous work experience and skill of the applicant in specific field of assignment Bio data such as age, etc.;
  • Recommendations received and certifications;
  • Period during which the volunteer will be available vis-à-vis that during which the assignment should have been completed and relevant reports made;
  • Possibility, and feasibility of having future relations with the applicant based on the assignment (future needs); and
  • Quality and significance of past relations the applicant may have had with UWA

Terms of Reference

The assignment will be broken down into identifiable tasks,(Milestones) and Terms of Reference drawn up. This should be done in consultation with department and unit heads under whose supervision the volunteer employee may fall, taking into account financial and organizational implications. It is important that these volunteers should be in line with UWAs core business i.e. conservation.

Appointment Conditions

  • A letter of agreement clearly setting down the duties and responsibilities of the volunteer should be drawn and signed between the volunteer and UWA.
  • Volunteers will also be required to sign a waiver, and at the same time provide proof of insurance covering the period of volunteering with UWA
  • The volunteer will cater for their own accommodation, meals, transport, medical expenses, and any other expenses incidental to their attachment to the assignment and volunteer status.
  • No one may volunteer for longer than six months, unless a new arrangement is agreed for an extension of not more than another six months.


Volunteers with UWA have to abide by the rules and regulations governing all employees on both conduct and performance. Volunteers will be provided with a letter of identification, and thereafter an open letter recommendation. UWA will make it clear to all volunteers that there is no built in assumption that people taken on as volunteers will necessarily be taken on at a later stage in paid capacity. Nor are they eligible for any special treatment in a competitive interview situation.


Both the volunteer and UWA will be entitled to a period of formal notice of one week.


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